Hi, heyo, hi! 

My name is Brookie, but my real name is Ellyn. I am 10 years old at the time, and I love to blog. I have blogged for about a year now. I started this blog in October of 2016. My first blog started on February 23, 2016. I found out about WordPress from one of my friends, and I fell in love since. 

I’ll post from time to time, being active on comments.

Sometimes, I’ll take breaks from posting, to get ideas from those breaks.

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I hope you guys enjoy my blog! Feel free to stalk me all you want! No, just kidding. You can stalk me, but not that much..

Bye!!! <333



40 Followers. What???

Okay, what? 40 already? I guess Twinkels was right. 17 is close to 20 and 20 is close to 40. 

As for this amount, thank you guys SO SO much for getting me to 40 fans! I have never expected to get 40 on this blog. As for my old blogs, they had a huge amount of fans, like 100 and 70, but that’s okay. 

I would like to get more in depth with this, but I need to finish my homework.

I love you guys, and I want you to be happy!

Again, thanks so much for this! 

I seriously want to thank you guys. Stay tuned for tags that have to be made up. Lots of people nominated me for so many tags, I don’t know what to start with.

Good damn bye~~

Dear NostalgicFallacies – Secret Santa

Dear NostalgicFallacies, I am your.. SECRET SANTA!

I want to let you know that your poems, and stories are amazing, and heart-felt. I am touched by your talent in poem writing, and maybe someday, you will become an official poem writer.

When I received an email from Teenella that I was your secret Santa, I immediately went t your blog, and fell IN LOVE with the insanely, amazing posts of you. I have been waiting for you to post a new poem/story ever since last, last Saturday.

I don’t know what to say, rather than you are an amazing person. You have a trait that no one else can beat. Whether you look like Jennifer Lopez or not, you’re probably beautiful.

It’s really nice how you are creative, and modest about yourself. Your stories gaze upon, and I love the way you share your poems. I especially love this post right here: Prom. It’s a nice story, and I really hope you do post more stories. I like they way you express yourself towards your viewers, as of which you do not show a sign that you only care about followers, which I also appreciate.

All this time that you have used to create such a beautiful work of art has paid off. All of your posts need some applause. It’s a true gift that you have, and I just.. LOVE IT.

I don’t know what else to say, I’m out of ideas.

I am OBSESSED with your blog, and I put some emphasis in the word “obsessed” because I AM OBSESSED with your blog, really! The time you take upon these abstract posts, is just incredible. I cannot believe you have this Talent with a capital T. You strive your best, and I just love the efficient blog that you have.

About your name, Casually Disastrous, amazing! It’s unique, and mild, with a bit of spice. This name sounds nothing like the other names I have heard from other blogs.

Like Teenella said, 500 words, but I could think of a million words to make up this post. However, I have repeated myself quite a few times in this post because I have so many words for you, they get clashed into my brain.

Again, you are a talented, inspiring, person, ready to fly and spread joy to the world. Merry Christmas to you, Nostalgic, and merry Christmas to everyone.

Spread love, not hate, and forever in my soul, I will remember you, Nostalgic.

Big shoutout to Teenella for bringing everyone together for this joyful event.

I wish you all a bright, merry, jolly, fun, spectacular, adventurous, great new year.

Again, love your blog, Nostalgic, and I will treasure the beautiful poems and stories you have made in this crazy world called Earth. A big Talent with a capital T is more than you think. Continue to make these awesome posts, as I will look forward to all of them. Have a great day, afternoon, or night.

Good damn bye~~~



Halloween Tips and Tricks

Heyo, hiyo. It’s Brookie! Today, I am going to be talking about Halloween. But before we get on, I took a lot of time making this post, so please read all. Anyways, back to the whole idea. Halloween is just around the corner, so I have to tell you guys about this awesome DIY, what costumes to wear, and more! So, leggo and get started!


Here is a DIY Halloween trick or treat bag for you!



  • A plain white bag or a colored bag.
  • (optional) Stencils, cutouts, duct tape, etc.
  • Any type of color like markers, paint, etc.
  • A Sharpie

Last but not least, your creativity! Have tons of fun with this DIY! You can make it look scary, cute, or even Dan and Phil themed.


  1. Start off by thinking of your design. It may take a while to generate a thought in your head about this.
  2. When you thought about the design, make a quick sketch of it on a blank piece of paper. You do not want to make any mistakes. If you don’t want to draw your design on paper, you can draw it on the bag with a pencil. Use light strokes!
  3. If you don’t want to draw something, use a stencil! Outline the stencil on the bag, and you have to be very cautious. Sometimes, the stencil eill tend to fall out of place while you’re drawing, so you can tape the stencil onto the bag, and then later peel off the tape.
  4. If you put your idea on the paper, now it’s time for you to put it on the actual bag. You must be careful, because you will outline this design with Sharpie.
  5. Now, take a Sharpie and carefully outline your design. It’s best if you work in light, so you can see all your details.
  6. Next, color! Use markers or paint to easily fill in the drawing. You also have to be careful here, because you might go outside of the lines.
  7. Finally, add decorations to your bag. You can hot glue on decals, or add duct tape onto your bag, but please have parental supervision when you are using hot glue. It might burn your finger.

After you have added the finishing touches, you are all finished with your trick or treating bag! If you use paint, feel free to add Mod Podge to make the paint last longer.

If you thought this was a long post, we aren’t finished yet. Just a bit more..?

Now, onto the juicy part. What to be for Halloween.


You can be whatever you want, but here are a few tips to get nice compliments or to be the fangtastic person in your class.

  1. Princesses and ninjas? Are you kidding me? Unless you’re a six year old, you should not wear some baby outfit.
  2. Vampires, ghosts, Mickey Mouse, angels, they are all in, but be wise. Your whole class can see your costume..
  3. You can be something funny, or scary. Freak your friends out, or make them gag up milk.
  4. Be yourself! If you want to be anything you want, it’s all up to you. Unless your procrastinating mother buys a Raven Queen costume because she’s lazy.
  5. Use up all the time you need. If you are running last minute, just buy a costume as quick as you can, or you can make one! As long as you’re in for the Halloween spirit!

So, these are some tips in order to get a very good comeback from your friends.

Now, on to the tricks. I’m willing to share as many tips on getting alot of candy, but don’t use them all at once. They might clash in with your plan.


  • Have extra costumes in hand: After you’ve got some decent candy from a house, wait a couple minutes, and go back home to change into another costume. That way, when you change your costume quickly, the person will give you more and more good candy.
  • Avoid scary houses or houses you’re not in tact with: If your friend or parent doesn’t know who’s house is who, don’t go there! It’s best to be safe, and not endangered by anyone. You also want to stick to your neighborhood. Don’t go somewhere far away and get candy there.
  • Empty your bag from time to time: If people see your bag is empty, they might give you more.
  • Take more than taking one: You should always take at least more than one. DON’T take alot, though. You can take at least up to 3-5 pieces. Just please, do not take more than that. It’s very rude to disrespect the citizen who has left out all that candy for you. Think about how much money the person spent on candy.
  • Lie: I’m not saying you should go straight forward and say, “Nine of my friends need candy. They’re at another house.”. Duuude, that’s waayy too far. Go easy and say, “My friend went to go to another house. Can I get candy for her?”. This is a big step, but it is steady.

So, I hope you enjoyed this Halloween Tips and Tricks post. This took alot of effort, like I said before.

Good damn bye~

~Ellie <33