Hi, heyo, hi! 

My name is Brookie, but my real name is Ellyn. I am 10 years old at the time, and I love to blog. I have blogged for about a year now. I started this blog in October of 2016. My first blog started on February 23, 2016. I found out about WordPress from one of my friends, and I fell in love since. 

I’ll post from time to time, being active on comments.

Sometimes, I’ll take breaks from posting, to get ideas from those breaks.

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I hope you guys enjoy my blog! Feel free to stalk me all you want! No, just kidding. You can stalk me, but not that much..

Bye!!! <333



Oh, am I BACK?

Hmmm, this place seems abnormal. Unlikely of me to think this sort of way..


Well, um, hi? It’s been long. I don’t know, it’s just weird that I’m back.

I should probably change my theme. Blue’s not my thing anymore. It seems so much like a.. default color. It’s a color that EVERYONE likes. I like dark rose gold, or a dead rose gold.


Like this. This sort of looks like a purplish color, but I’m going for a rose gold theme.

Tell me which theme I should use.

Goodbye crybabies!


Just a Quick Visit.

Hey everyone. Yesterday, 2/23/17 was my one year blogging anniversary. Not for this blog, for my FIRST ever blog, Fantage Stars. Thank you for everyone being there for me from the beginning, gradually welcoming me, helping me, and making me learn. I have gone through drama situations here and there, but then I have gone through HAPPY times.


Thank you everyone so much. If I still had Fantage Stars, I would give a shoutout to my first follower, besides my friends. If I had Ellyn’s Life back, I would do the same. I hope one day I can gain all my 102 followers back, and 76 followers. Thank you all!





My mother just found out I had an Instagram. I sinned. I said sorry.

I will be going on a long break from all these hard times. I won’t be blogging for a while.

Some people can make me sad, especially bloggers who have been with me for a long time. They make me depressed. I’m talking about this one blogger especially. Thanks, Farah  (sarcasm intended) for making me all sad.

Sorry guys.

My blogging anniversary is on Thursday.



It’s Getting Harder EVERY Minute.

My mom just told me a few minutes ago that our landlord told us we have to move out in July. We don’t have enough money for another house. I know, I sound like a poor f*ggot. But, like I said before, life isn’t perfect. Life is like glass, it looks so beautiful, but so easy to shatter.I hope things get better. I can’t make money, I’m just a kid. Maybe my friends will help me? No, no way. I can’t make money. What should I do, walk dogs? Get $5? No. Give people snacks? No. First, parent drama, now money problems.

I’ll be going on a break. I might not blog for a while, so don’t tell me to come back. I feel sad, my self esteem is going down a bit. I don’t know what to do. Help me, God.

Thanks for being there, guys. Shoutouts to Mahriya, Kitty, Julia, Evelynn, and Thoughts in Life. I really thank you for everything.

Bye guys..


Hard Times

DISCLAIMER: If you hate me, I advise you to leave.

This post is meant for me to tell you guys something about life, so don’t try to hurt my feelings, and point things out again. I will be deleting the mom post, because I guess you didn’t like me dissing on Asian parents. FYI, I’m ASIAN. Full Asian. Not Indian. Not Chinese. Korean. My last name is Kim, I told you to read the whole thing, but some people don’t listen. Now, you have to read the whole thing to understand the whole concept of my life.

Do you guys remember when I posted that “I Need Some Comfort” post? You guys were really supportive, and I appreciate that. Although, my recent post, someone doesn’t really seem to like it. I haven’t made this clear. I am going through tough times, where my mom has anger issues, and my parents aren’t talking to each other. Don’t make me cry from a stupid comment. Some of you might have your moms and dads together, but for me, it’s different hanging out with one parent at different times. The world isn’t what you think it is. My sister’s friend, who is in second grade, is going to be moving over to her dad. Her parents divorced a couple weeks ago, and she said she wants to die. She brought a stuffed animal in to represent her going to her dad. What will happen to the mother? Things aren’t what they seem, don’t try to make life perfect. When I said I disliked my mother, I really meant it, because she seems like the worst mother ever. She embarrasses me at public places. She torments me in front of my siblings, and leaves me crying in my sleep. It’s hard going to school the next day, or waking up the next day, because you feel dreaded inside. You don’t know what’s going to happen. Anything can happen, and that’s not a good line. Eva, from “MyLifeAsEva” recently posted a “book video” talking about what will happen in that book. It’s called, “I am a Victim of Sexual Assault”. It is a story based off of her being raped in high school, which is a true story. Like I said, things happen. Parents fight, people get hurt, and so on. You think everything is perfect to someone’s life, but really, it’s not. Let’s say your friend is going through a tough time. She doesn’t talk about it, and says, “I’m fine”. Do you really believe her? I won’t. Ask them again and again and again. If not, tell an adult. It’s okay just to poke in their business a bit if they won’t spill. Everyday, about 3,000 people commit suicide from their stupid lives.

If you want to be pointing out things I said, quit it. That “My Mom is the Worst” post was about spilling out my anger. Don’t point things out. Don’t. I am a tween, who is growing up. I’m learning. You don’t have to teach me anything. “If you didn’t have a mom, you wouldn’t be here”. Seriously? Someone wrote this in my comment section. That’s NOT what I am trying to address here! I am telling you I hate my mother! Is that so hard to understand? I don’t think so, coming from the fact that all of you guys are older than me. I know, my mother immigrated here, and I get it. It’s not easy speaking a different language, but, really? You want a mother FORCING you to help her with English when you have, what, 8 things to do for the next day of school? Honestly, she tells me to do homework, and then the next thing you know, she scolds at you to come over to her room, waste 5 minutes, that could have been used for one math page, maybe even one math page and two questions, and asks to fix her grammar mistakes? Oh please, do your own things! I know she works very hard, but I can’t. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I don’t have time.

I am getting stressed on blogging, and I will move on from hate. All hate will go to spam, I will be checking comments today. If you don’t like me, unfollow my blog. What are you doing here then? Leave. Go. You hate me now that I talked about how much I hate my mom. I appreciate what my mom has done, and I love her, but sometimes, I don’t. I hope you can understand now.

Bye guys.


I Need Some Comfort.

As of right now, I am writing this while crying my eyes out.

My parents got in a huge argument, and haven’t been talking for months.

I don’t want to be here right now. I’m in pain. I need someone to be there. Not just my grandparents, nor my siblings. I need my friends to be with me. I am hurt, my soul is dying. I am in need of help. My life feels numb. I have a headache, and I don’t feel like going to school on Monday. Or Tuesday. Or this whole week.

I just need someone. Please, help me. I need God.

I love you all, just know someone will be there. Not for me though.

Bye guys. <33